For sales and marketing, we introduce three channels with own logistics development. We constantly approach the customers to build up the people around by communicating the brand inspiration. It is important to support the brand image with quality, also adjust sometimes with local market and needs. We help to create the long-term sales structure with marketing effort.

Not only we are experienced with sales roots, we execute for customer needs in creative output. From product photo shooting, graphic materials production to daily online platforms, we can dedicate fully for the brands to communicate effectively & establish the best Japanese business solution with strong local community. In the best partnership, we operate everyday to create the relatioship with the best customers for sustainable revenue generation.

1) Wholesale distribution
We have the sales accounts and network such as bookstores, design stores, concept boutiques, museum stores, department stores all over major Japanese cities.
We hope always to hear and discuss all the wish how the brand wants to develop in Japan, then process for the sales strategies.

2) Online Store sales
Our team are with online experience and background before.
We support every products possibility for online communication for Japanese community in every information needs.

3) Retail Store Sales
We plan to open the store in Tokyo in coming year schedules.
The store would not only sell directly to customers, but also present as showroom about the brand and products.

4) Administration & Logistics
Our company can stock and deliver from own warehouse. We can quickly perform administration and logistics works, report for the head offices.