We study daily trends from business and Japanese demand in market. Then we look to offer the best international items that fit for Japanese custom and lifestyle from the the world. Business and people all live in the same ground. Either supplier or customers, we share and take part to improve the universal quality in life everyday. We would like to take a part in to introduce and develop the "home loving" products with unique international quality and creative ideas.

We think also the international business is to finding people in such common idea and create the fine trends together in market. We look to build up the corporation around good inspiration for product and brands. We help the local sales & marketing (and PR) strategies in structure, then introduce your products to Japan in the best form. We corporate closely to influence and produce new quality and trends in Japanese people lifestyle to bring the sales success.

We select to newly import the best lifestyle products from the world which has the identity of "homeland" of original country. We carefully study and judge the concepts, materials, production, design, background stories, and other distribution etc.

Our work is to take such interior, kitchen, wearable, accessories, cosmetics (organic), products from international countries to Japan. We analyze where the right demands & make the best BtoB distribution solution for Japan market in order to bring the the success for your brand in Japan market :

1) We carefully select the "homeland" products which are distinctive characteristics from original country (material, design, history). We care the consistency and simplicity in true functional form that proven sustain ability in generations analyze with Japan market and trends.

2) We test for the Japan market with our best core sales partners "trend stores" at first stage. We report clients how to maximize selling scale of those products in Japan market. 

3) We give the best Japanese advise for coordination and customizing if necessary. We openly discuss and propose the right distribution for Japanese strategies with marketing.

4) We develop and launch own direct stores for online shop (July, 2011) and real studio shop (2013). The brands can grow together and take advantage of getting daily feedback and analysis. Make it able to plan for future target ahead.