As Japanese factory, we have been producing the metal & brass products as small precision items for more than 60 years. Over years we learned and experienced with industry in efficiency for maximum demand.

In 2011 we started this idea as the "homeland" product project in our factory, planning to introduce the 100% made in Japan products. Fine Gear Co., Ltd, originally as engineer and designer team, we review some new and past product projects, renovate with new perspectives as good Japanese craft products.

We especially plan to import Scandinavian products because we believe in similar Scandinavian idea in modern living with the products. Their perception for the best products for people's home are produced in balance together with both technologies and local craftmanship (volkhemmet).

As marketing company, we believe in the product quality but also develop the promotion around market. We aim to communicate our brand identitiy as Japanese and Scandinavian (European) ideas and set new value for customer and audience. We call our products with "Meri-Hari life" (Life in nuance) in our presentation. As our characteristics of line-ups, we show two contrasting characters to attract for customers, such as simple and decorative, BW and color, finished and unfinished, vintage and new, urban and local, or consumables and limited (one of kind), and so on.

At the moment we seek the partnership with Scandinavian (and European) brands in following product range which are looking for distributing the products for first time to Japan.

1) Import Products (Scandinavian and European)
- Porcelain
- Stationery / Cards
- Interior Decoration
- Children's Items
- Health & beauty (organic cosmetics & fregrance)
- Travel (moving)

2) Japanese hand-made Products
- Porcelain
- Home Accessories (kitchen)
- Textile / Wearables
- ECO-friendly-consumables
- Limited edition (own products from our factory)